Why Work With Us

At KB Creative, we are passionate about growing our business by helping our customers grow their businesses. Through clever, fun, functional, humorous, creative, memorable, "stay-in-the-office" promotional products.

The principals at KB each have nearly 40 years of experience in the promotional/motivational products market.....as buyers. At times we have learned the hard way. As users of our own promotional products, we have invested in beautifully branded items that end up as "trinkets" for the kids. Only to be damaged or destroyed by little Johnny. Johnny may have had the time of his life with our product, but those buying decisions never helped our company grow. Hard earned money and time poorly spent.

Over the years, we have learned what is effective and what is not. We work hard to help you specify the most effective promotional/advertising items possible. And we live and die with your success.

Our tool box is big. We have developed strong relationships with the world’s best suppliers of promotional materials. We BUY AMERICAN wherever possible. Your investment is, in reality, also our investment. Of time, creativity and innovative ideas.

So let’s work together. Let’s collaborate to design and build the best promotional item your company has ever purchased. Management at KB Creative is highly ethical. Our prices are reasonable, and our ability to help you grow your company is unmatched. We are passionate about helping you grow your business. And ours right along with you.