How Our Model Works

K. B. Creative has a simple, effective business model. It relies on its most valuable resource - a collection of registered, trademarked slogans that promote a “call to action” theme.

Among these slogans are:
  • Don’t wait.®
  • We wait.®
  • Why wait.®
When utilized creatively, each of the slogans has proven to be an extremely effective marketing tool to:
  • Enhance a company’s current marketing program – they should be a net gain to whatever marketing campaigns are currently underway.
  • Increase an organization’s marketing footprint by providing relatively low cost, high value, practical use products to your target customer.
  • Potentially improve a company’s image in its market(s).
  • Provide an effective “give-away” for use at trade shows, open houses, industry meetings, seminars, etc.
  • Enhance your sales team’s tool box with a new, creative, often humorous item to give to customers during personal sales calls, meetings, etc. Nearly all products we develop provide features and benefits that help assure they become stay-at-the-workplace products. If you plan to spend your hard-earned dollars on marketing tools, let’s make sure they don’t end up in your child’s toy box or your dog’s mouth. Let’s work hard to assure the items provide a function that encourages them to remain in the office, perhaps on top of the desk where they can do their job – encourage anyone that sees them to take action. Become the gift that keeps on giving…….
Most of KB’s products embody a “call to action” theme. An example of an effective use of one of our trademarked slogans:
  • Don’t wait.™